dear earth,

you are funny and wide and black and light.

you’ve taught me things about this body and mind and spirit that i claim. you’ve taught me that i am neither mine nor yours – but we are one and we are forever evolving. i am maintaining my awareness. we are reality, and there need be no explanation for our struggle, our victory, our light, our texture, our shadows… we are reality. we are truth. we are blue and red and wide like the earth. we are never-ending and ephemeral.

jasmine simone

first book is well on it’s way.

i am in the editing stage of my book process right now.

i ordered my proof and it is here! there are a few changes that need to be made but overall i am amazed and humbled by my words and my drive. this book is for me. i say that with pride and humility because this has been a journey for me, ever since i wrote my first journal entry. of course i want my poetry to resonate and linger in the minds of people, all kinds… black – white – young – poor – wise – curious – brave – meek – privileged¬†– gay – and on and on. but the sole purpose of this book was to accomplish my dream. to create and publish my first book, by any means necessary. if you have been a follower of this blog then you know that my poetry is not a happy-go-lucky or joyful writing but a darkish-night kind’a work. i put my shadows into my poetry and out comes light.

i am satisfied at the thought of creativity.
i am satisfied at the thought of words – full and unbound.