if you’re reading this

i love you and you’ve come a heck of a ways. and i love you for coming. for pushing. for trying again. i love you for living a lie if its what you thought best. i love you for living your truth if there was no other option at your defense. i love you like a pause. like a brief moment of existence. i love you forever. like you ain’t going nowhere, fast.

Feb. 28, 2013

the urge of doubt

i don’t know if i told him.
i don’t know if my family saw that coming.

i don’t
doubt it.

i know that i am reserved in groups and chatty with the people i adore.
i like talkin’ to people who understand the way of nature –

the stem of life by which all history suffers and celebrates.
i know that i enjoy talking to open-minded people,

those into the arts and culture and the psyche of humanity.
i know that i love him and sunday mornings and the freedom
to choose and writing and my creator and my solid spirit.

i know but i continuously tell myself

i don’t.