night cap

something’s in the water.
leaning toward ya’ baby.
something’s in those there
stalks of sea weed rising
toward ya’ blue scales.

something’s in the blue.
like a lovely shark on the
tip of the ankle, fear must
be resting up there. under
the pulse of life, something’s

in you, some lop-sided
beast blessing the dark
of dawn. some sharp
tick desperately

grey whisper 

there’s a whisper to my presence that makes the old ladies smile and they look up at me from time to time to tell me a quick line about the benefits of turnips, or the gardenias growing in the back, or maybe, Old Hickory, a charming bookie who likes to watch fireflies dance to the sound of his sister’s guitar. 

full of breath, they are 

sound in color.

“loving so deeply i’m in over my head” – alabama shakes

like cherry rings to the night,
i am loving you under the
stories we have yet to tell
and the twigs we have yet
to twine.

i am loving you so deeply
your veins lie off in mine
and i knew i had been
needing something –
some beauty from
a land among
the children &

a man who could
always stop
for the breeze
of the willow

-jasmine simone

exit – take

someone come get me out of this building.
mama said i wouldn’t have to stay all day
but the sun is tapping out and my legs
can’t seem to bend. where is my taxi?
did someone get my ticket or what?
and how do you suppose i tell
all these people sitting here
in this dilapidated castle
that there is no room…
nah, there is.
has to be.