sound in color.

“loving so deeply i’m in over my head” – alabama shakes

like cherry rings to the night,
i am loving you under the
stories we have yet to tell
and the twigs we have yet
to twine.

i am loving you so deeply
your veins lie off in mine
and i knew i had been
needing something –
some beauty from
a land among
the children &

a man who could
always stop
for the breeze
of the willow

-jasmine simone

exit – take

someone come get me out of this building.
mama said i wouldn’t have to stay all day
but the sun is tapping out and my legs
can’t seem to bend. where is my taxi?
did someone get my ticket or what?
and how do you suppose i tell
all these people sitting here
in this dilapidated castle
that there is no room…
nah, there is.
has to be.


Sunday study session 

So today has turned into a beautiful little study session with ibeyi as my soundtrack and late afternoon coffee refills and grey skies and quotes added to my ‘happy mantra’ notecard. Reading “Words Power Made Easy” by Norman Lewis which is a fantastic guide to building one’s vocabulary – almost effortlessly. It’s like you’re in a vocabulary class for three weeks. The book is supposed to take three weeks to complete but I’ve been reading for about 2 months and still not half way through. I stop and I start back with absolute dedication and then I fall off again. But I always come back because it truly is an amazing word-building book. It was written in the late 1970s and still has so much to offer. 

This is how I am spending my Sunday – learning new words and liberating new vibes.