nobody understands the awkwardBLACKgirl

excerpts from my new piece on cultural disconnect from my awkwardBLACKgirl perspective in sula x la liga’s zine.

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jasmine simone


  1. sula collective x la liga zine collab
  2. dropped two days ago: june 2nd, 2016
  3. features my essay/free-write, “nobody understands the awkwardBLACKgirl”
  4. features a portrait of george w. bush made out of tiny assholes
  5. challenges the status-quo and cultural superiority/inferiority
  6. calling out the bullshit the way we see it
  7. i’m literally in love
  8. this issue is ill

jasmine simone

i am constantly

judging myself, and the feeling never goes away.

there’s tension in my chest – simultaneous reasoning: not being good enough and being too good. growing up in a world of lies, while striving for those exact fabrications. i drift into delirium when i think of my experience here. neurotic nostalgia for the crows in my head come morning time, and i’m tired. the crows keep coming and i want to say “leave me” but i don’t know how.

and i guess i am constantly in destructive rotation because of it.

-jasmine (and the crows)